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The revised Pasifika Education Plan 2013-2017 focuses on raising achievement among Pasifika students. Government asked for the Pasifika Education Plan to be revised, to concentrate on those areas which will make the greatest difference for students, The revised Plan incorporates key Government initiatives such as National Standards in literacy and numeracy, which will help to raise achievement in reading, writing and maths. There is also a strong emphasis on the need for schools to promote and respect all Pasifika languages, cultures and identities.
The revised Plan concentrates on areas with high Pasifika populations and will focus on:
  • participation and quality in early childhood education
  • strong literacy and numeracy foundations in schooling, and making sure students are engaged in learning
  • more effective engagement with parents
  • transitioning students into higher levels of learning and achievement in tertiary education.

NEW Pasifika Education Plan (2013-2017)

Progress against Pasifika Education Plan targets

Pasifika Education - Education Counts

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Engaging with Pasifika parents, families & communities- video collection of schools engaging with Pasifika students and communities.

Pasifika Education Plan Monitoring Reports The Pasifika Education Plan provides the Ministry of Education with strategic direction for improving education outcomes for Pasifika peoples in New Zealand. The yearly monitoring reports assess performance against the plan.

Indicators Indicators are established measures used to determine how well a result has been achieved in a particular area of interest.For example, the rate of formal school qualifications helps quantify whether students are succeeding at school.

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Pasifika Education Statistics

Progress against PEP targets This page provides the latest data on the targets from the Pasifika Education Plan 2009-2012. It is updated as new data is made available.

Pasifika Education in New Zealand
Education and Pacific Peoples in New Zealand
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Media gallery - view Pasifika video collection from NZ classrooms and communities, interviews with teachers, students, parents and educationalists.
Reading Together - Reading Together provides effective support for all children and their parents/whānau
Samoan Tatau - Auckland University 2011 : Su'a Suluape

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Pasifika Education Plan (2009-2012) Resources. Here is a range of resources that I have used with teachers. Feel free to adapt them to suit your school's needs.