What informs your beliefs and assumptions about effective teaching and learning?

The links below will provide some useful information to support you in your inquiry.

Pacific Education Research

Education and Pacific Peoples in New Zealand- Pacific Progress 2010 is a series of reports which examine the place of New Zealand’s Pacific peoples in a number of sectors. It is a collaborative project between Statistics NZ & the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs.

BES - Quality Teaching for Diverse Learners - Alton Lee

ERO National Reports

Pasifika Education Community & Other Relevant Research

Case Studies

BES Series Home Page The home page for the Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis (BES) programme. BES is a collaborative knowledge building strategy designed to strengthen the evidence base that informs education policy and practice in New Zealand.

NZCER Research Publications

Supporting Pasifika learners

Engaging with Pasifika parents, families & communities - see a range of video clips here!

Summary of key Pasifika & NZ Education Resources by Talanoa Akoako

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Pasifika Principles from Talanoa AkoAko group at Team Solutions In a Science Context