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New Zealand Curriculum updates- The updates are provided by the Ministry of Education to support English-medium schools with implementation. Further Updates will continue to be published on this site as well as in the Education Gazette.

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  • Onerahi School – Teaching as inquiry by nzcurriculum@tki.org.nz May 8, 2014
    At a recent teacher only day Onerahi School staff explored the effective pedagogy section of the document and the model of teaching as inquiry (NZC p35). Deputy principal Richard Jones explains, “We&r...
  • NZC Online update - January 2013 by nzcurriculum@tki.org.nz Dec 12, 2012
    New stories Teaching as inquiry at Epsom Girls GrammarClaire Amos from Epsom Girls Grammar in Auckland explains the development of teaching as inquiry at her school. Claire ou...
  • NZC Online update - November 2012 by nzcurriculum@tki.org.nz Nov 13, 2012
    New stories Engaging Pasifika families - Owairaka School builds a faleThe staff at Owairaka School have explored ways to build deep connections and partnerships with the many ...
  • NZC Online update - August 2012 by nzcurriculum@tki.org.nz Aug 8, 2012
    New stories Effective communication for learners with special education needsJuanita Corbett from Arohanui Special School discusses communication as a vital tool that we use wi...
  • NZC Online update - June 2012 by nzcurriculum@tki.org.nz Jun 26, 2012
    Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching - a New Zealand perspectiveThis research report draws together findings from new data and more than 10 years of research on current practice and futures-thinking in education. It was commissioned b...
  • NZC Online update - May 2012 by nzcurriculum@tki.org.nz May 1, 2012
    New resources The learning to learn principleNZC Update 21 focuses on the New Zealand Curriculum principle of students learning to learn. Leading from the middle: educational leadership for middle and senior leadersThis resource describes the qua...
  • NZC Online update - January 2012 by nzcurriculum@tki.org.nz Jan 15, 2012
    Student designed learning spacesTo start off your school year, we bring you an interview with year 5/6 teacher Anne Keneally. She is planning on using her learning spaces differently this year, and in this EDtalk she tells us just what she has in ...
  • NZC Online update - October 2011 by nzcurriculum@tki.org.nz Oct 9, 2011
    Community engagement - New section on NZC OnlineThis new section features a collection of tools, ideas, stories and resources to support schools as they explore the NZC community engagement principle. Secondary middle leaders Creating a culture of...
  • NZC Online update - July 2011 by nzcurriculum@tki.org.nz Jul 5, 2011
    New resources NZC Update 11 - Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of NZCThis Update focuses on an evaluation of progress in the implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum, using data collected in 2008 and 2009. Tax education and citize...
  • NZC Online update - June 2011 by nzcurriculum@tki.org.nz Jun 7, 2011
    School storiesWe have three different story packages for you this month. The first is from Sylvia Park School in Auckland, the second from Stonefields School also in Auckland, and the third is a curriculum conversation recorded at the Learning@Sch...

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