Are you ready to apply for a Language Immersion Award in 2013 to improve your language fluency and cultural knowledge, to experience firsthand the language, culture, school and life of the host country, to spend time with colleagues and students, to learn and share?

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for Students & Teachers

Congratulations to the following successful recipients:
Linda Toga
Manurewa High School
Meleua Ikiua
Alfriston College
Vagahau Niue
Koke Leleisiuao
Teokotai Tarai
Southern Cross Campus (Middle School)
Tokoroa High School
Cook Islands Maori
Starsky Akeripa
Kelston Boys' High School

If you are thinking of applying in 2013, please check out the following link for more information and a copy of the application form or email

I would also be happy to discuss any aspect of the programme with you. Good Luck! LIA for Teachers

Kia Ora, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei and Kia Orana.

Welcome to the AFS Pasifika. We are based to the north of Wellington city, and are a group that hold community events for the entire family. The close knit group of volunteers know first-hand what an AFS experience is about. Every year thousands of students embark on life changing experiences from 10 day intensive programmes up to full year programmes.

AFS also has adult volunteer programmes all around the globe including the Pacific Islands and we also have programmes for teachers too. If your worried about costs AFS has a number of scholarships on offer. For more Information email: or look up AFS Pasifika Porirua on facebook

AFS Pasifika aims to develop and build relationships within the Pacific Island community in the Wellington area, encouraging the concept of Intercultural Exchanges with AFS and build AFS Pasifika communities. Email to get more information

Are any of your students interested in an AFS Language Immersion Award?

This is a chance for your students to expand their horizons with AFS, its an experience of a lifetime. It is a chance to experience and learn about another culture and live like a local immersed in the language being learnt. A chance to become fluent in the language in an immersion experience. Make new friendships and have a ton of fun. And, most of all, mature as a person. There are plenty of rewards discovering new people and places, but personal growth will be the greatest reward of all. Best of all they will get to live like a local, not a tourist, fully involved in the life of a local family and community.
A Language Immersion Award also looks great on a CV. Employers are impressed by people who are up for new challenges.

AFS - Student Exchange - click here for more information

The Ministry of Education offers a minimum of 15 fully-funded Language Immersion Awards (LIA) for immersion experiences to New Zealand secondary school students who study the following languages annually:
  • Chinese
  • Cook Island Māori
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Samoan
  • Spanish
  • Tongan
  • Vagahau Niue
  • Tokelauan