Scheduled Meetings: February 27, 9-3.30pm; March 18, 12-4pm; September 11, 9-3pm. Final Meeting TBC

Address: AIMHI, Achievement in Multicultural High Schools, 10 Beatty Street Otahuhu, Auckland

September 11 Agenda

What to Bring


  1. Inquiry progress – all teachers will feedback on inquiry progress
  2. Leading learning in Pasifika languages – What do effective leaders of learning look/sound like?
  3. Who needs to know about your work? - Report writing / preparing for presentation to BOT/staff at school etc
  4. Learning Languages Resources – Treasure Hunt & Sharing
  5. Urgent issues in relation to learning languages & possible solutions
  6. Discuss focus / next steps
  7. Other business
  1. Your computer/laptop
  2. Shared lunch
  3. All documentation and resources for your inquiry
  4. Any resource you want to share. Alternatively, you can put these on our wiki to save photocopying
  5. Heaps of enthusiasm and energy to trial new ideas.

Leading from the middle: educational leadership for middle and senior leaders

Workshop TOOLS

Agenda & Project Milestones

These are the key tasks that you will be carrying out as part of the cluster.

Gathering Baseline Data

Focusing Inquiry

Teaching Inquiry

Learning Inquiry

Please complete the 'Before the Programme' part of the tool above AND send me a copy ASAP. You will complete the 'As a result of the programme' part of the template at the end of the project.

Use these questions as a guide to analyse your achievement data. You need to identify a focus for your inquiry. i.e What is one thing that I need to work on in relation to my students' achievement data?

Just found this -

The graphing page :

What evidence-based strategies are most likely to help improve my students' achievement?

Use the action plan template to set some SMART goals and planned actions to ensure success.

Use the log sheet below to help you track the strategies you use to meet your goals.

What happened as a result of your teaching? What are the implications for future teaching and learning?
Professional reading